Following are partial list of patients got treatment from “The Meditour”.

Mr. P Ahmed

Male, 46 Years
Country: Tanzania
Coronary Angiography and angioplasty

100% Mark to Mr. Devendra Patel and Dr. Sanjeev Mehta for their assistance. I had unfortunate stroke episode at mid-night. My wife called you and you come to hospital straightway. I appreciate team support of The Meditour. God Bless you all.

Mrs. Kazi Bunto

Female, 35 Years
Country: Nigeria
Craniotomy for brain lesion

I real appreciate your support. Thank you very much. You have great team. I got quality treatment. I also got good discount; thanks for saving my hard earn money. God Bless you all.

Mrs. Mariam Kimaya

Female, 49 Years
Country: Kenya
PET SCAN & Cancer of the Cervix

I would like to thank management of The Meditour for their support and assistance provided to my mother on our India visit. With your assistance my mother is treated like Queen Elizabeth.

Mr. John Agwunobi

Male, 65 Years
Country: Nigeria
Oncology Surgery and Chemotherapy

Hello All, I highly recommend The Meditour’s service to all. We got highest quality of services. My brother is feeling 90% recovery. He is quite sure to have full recovery earlier than expected. We will work your ambassador in our country. Keep good service please.

Ms. Meg

Country: Rwanda
Cancer Survival

You are the reason for survival of my daughter. Survival of my daughter is amazing and for that I thank Dr, Nursing staff and management of Meditour.