Medical Services

The Meditour has leading hospitals and doctors in the panel. Our patients get special privilege for their care through these panelists.

Pre treatment: We consult leading hospitals / doctors regarding your case,. Our expert panelists review your case and treatment options and advise you along with the approximate costs of treatments for each of these options.

Treatment: We will be with you from the moment you arrive in India and will facilitate your personal appointment.

After treatment: Upon your return, our back office department will assist you in contacting your healthcare provider in India from your home location through live video conferencing. Every record of your virtual sessions shall be available with us in the form of your electronic records for you to access.


Providing assistance for visa, flight, insurance and acquaintance to local conditions.

Patients are greeted upon arrival at the airport by a The Meditour executive. Air-conditioned transportation, accommodation, local conveyances etc. are provided for the duration of the stay. We also have arrangement for Air Ambulance.


Arrangement with corporate and government agencies can be made to provide cashless medical services. You will need to provide all relevant documents as per your requirements to avail insurance claims.

Value added services

We also provide various value added services such as laptop, internet, mobile etc. We can also convey patient’s health status to relatives and friends back home.