Following simplified steps give complete information on how the medical tourism process works:

Step 1 : Visit thoroughly
Send us an email or call us for any information / clarification. We welcome your queries, as this will help you better understand our services.
Step 2 : Find out more information
The best way is to send us questions asking for more information or any clarification. You can expect a quick response from us within 12 hours.
Step 3 : Registration
Register as a patient ( This is FREE.
Step 4 : Medical Data and reports
You need to submit medical data and reports. We will let you know our requirement after initial consultation with our doctor.
Step 5 : Interpretation of your medical data
Our panel of doctors will view and interpret your medical data. You will receive our expert’s opinion.
Step 6 : Case discussion with our affiliated hospitals
We will also discuss the matter with our affiliated hospitals including any hospital of your preference.
Step 7 : Online consultation with the doctor
You finalize from the list of hospitals / physicians. You may finalize more than 1 hospital. We will schedule video conferencing with physicians who will provide comprehensive interpretation of your problem and how it can be solved; this is similar when you are with your doctor personally and doctor explains you about procedures etc.
Step 8 : Decision making
When you are comfortable with all your queries, discussed your options for alternative treatment(s) with your doctor, completely understood the risks, benefits and the process involved, then you decide and deposit your registration amount.

With The Meditour you have multiple options for payments; you can payment the hospital directly or through us. We are very transparent.
Step 9 : Your Itinerary
We will confirm your procedure(s), consulting doctors, hospitals and hotel accommodation and submit an itinerary for your review and finalization.
Step 10 : Pre-travel information
Before traveling, we will provide you with a host of information about the destination you'll be traveling to. You'll also receive emails about how to properly plan and execute your trip.
Step 11 : Arrive in India
We will personally welcome you at the airport and take you to your place of accommodation, followed by hospital / doctor visit. We will provide you mobile, laptop, internet etc.
Step 12 : Consultation with medical team
The next day after your arrival, you’ll be transported by one of our representatives to your pre-operative appointment with your surgeon. This will be the first time you get to meet your doctor and team. The doctor may ask for further diagnosis and review of your results.

Note: If for medical reasons your surgeon feels the surgery should not proceed as scheduled, or you decide not to go ahead with it, your scheduled surgery will stand cancelled.
Step 13 : Treatment
We will update your family and friends through a medical bulletin.
Step 14 : Rejuvenation/ travel
Upon your preference and with due permission from your doctor we shall provide options for rejuvenation and travel.
Step 15 : Return home
We will follow up for your treatment and recovery after your return.